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Liam Turner
Liam Turner

Windows 7 Loader V1.8.2 X86 X64.rar

The easiest way to install Porteus to a USB drive is to burn the ISO to a CD following the instructions on this site. Once you boot into Porteus from the CD, you can select 'Porteus Installer' from the desktop menu (under the'System' submenu) and follow the prompts to complete the installation to your flash drive (note: you will have to select the option to install the bootloader if you don't already have a bootloader installed on your flash drive for some other linux distribution). If you would like to install Porteus to a USB drive without burning the ISO image to a CD first, this can easily be accomplished by extracting the ISO file (just like unpacking a zip file), copying the contents to the root (top-level directory) of your flash drive, and executing either the Porteus-installer-for-Windows.exe (if you're using windows) or the (if you're using linux). More detailed instructions can be found in our Official Installation Guide, here: Official Installation Guide

Windows 7 Loader V1.8.2 X86 X64.rar




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