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LISREL 8.8: Features, Benefits, and Installation Guide

This manatorial software is aimed at data processing and analysis in social and behavioral sciences. Data can be read and saved in the CORD-MAT, MOD-MAT, PROG-MAT, SPSS, and TOBAS formats. In addition, it has a number of built-in, system-independent data processors like the classical and modern methods, univariate, and multivariate. Also, it has important statistical and graphics tools like the graphical goodness-of-fit test, normality test, and reliability analysis. The LISREL GUI includes the GPM modules that facilitate the graphical presentation of data in bivariate plots and tables. It also provides methods for the graphical analysis of population data by scatter-plots and matrices, and the removal of the outliers. It contains the capabilities that facilitate data processing and analysis for a wide variety of social and behavioral research in natural sciences and social sciences.

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Goodness of fit indices (GOF) of the model were as follows: χ2/df (3) = 9.222, root mean square error of approximation (RMSEA) = 0.022, 90% confidence interval (CI) = 0.020 - 0.024 and comparative fit index (CFI) = 0.986. This model was then modified and the model fit index results were as follows: χ2/df (3) = 9.117, RMSEA = 0.022, 90% CI = 0.018 - 0.024 and CFI = 0. Finally, the modified model was well fitted to the data (χ2/df = 9.986). The results of structural equation modeling (SEM) suggest that the full model is an acceptable measurement model of the pregnancy specific scale. The results also showed that social support perceived by pregnant women is negatively related to worry over pregnancy and childbirth (β= -0.004; p


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