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[S1E5] Faster, Princess! Kill! Kill!

Bean tries bonding with the witch, seeing a bit of herself in the old woman. Stan throws out his back and is unable to kill Gwen, so Bean is promoted to executioner and has to be the one to execute the witch. Elfo runs away from Bunty, finally fed up with being treated as a baby and goes to the Enchanted Forest alone. Bean can't bring herself to execute Gwen both due to being extremely nervous and believing there might be more to the witch than just being a cackling Wicked Witch. She is ridiculed by her entire kingdom and decides she may not be suited to live in a city. She leaves Dreamland with Luci and they find out they're on Elfo's trail on the forest.

[S1E5] Faster, Princess! Kill! Kill!

Bean gets a candy axe, and hunts down Hansel and Gretel through the gingerbread house full of traps. She finally gets to the basement full of human remains of their previous victims. They reveal that they are cannibalistic serial killers, and that they cursed the Witch, who was just an innocent old lady who took them in. Bean quickly kills them, which Luci praises her for. The curse on the Witch is quickly broken.

Following the previous episode, Zog has banished Bean from Dreamland for partying and sentences her to be a nun. But her lack of being a nun angers the leader of the nuns. While failing job after job, she meets with a witch named Gwen who is cursed by a spell to cackle at everything. While meeting with Stan the Executioner, her job is to execute Gwen the next day, but she still remains a coward and doesn't have the urge to kill her and walks off far away while Stan teases her in public; much to King Zog being feeling pity for her. While Bean laments on how she sucked at everything, She noticed that Elfo is gone.

While Elfo ran away, he noticed a gingerbread house with a cannibal Hansel and Gretel. They gave him a meal, then they try to cook him alive. Bean and Luci run into the house, Hansel and Gretel gave them some delicious meat but when Bean looks at their cookbook and sees a foot n the meat she freaks out believing that they cooked Elfo, but he is still in the over. Bean struggles with the to while Luci frees Elfo, then a blow-pop explodes and puts the house on fire while Bean chases the two mentally ill siblings In the basement she sees many headless heads and food made from the skin and fingers of people explaining that they're cannibals. Luci tells Bean to kill Hansel, Bean still doesn't have the urge to, until she accidentally axes Gretel in the head behind her, finally taking this to her advantage, Bean axes Hansel. Their deaths cause the curse on Gwen to be instantly broken. Luci congratulates Bean for finally killing someone intentionally.

A fight erupts. It's not Daemon taking Rhaenyra by force, but rather Criston beating Joffrey's face into a bloody pulp. He is a man of honor, after all; deception is not something he takes lightly. He kills Joffrey, exits the castle, unsheathes his dagger, and prepares to end his life. It's Alicent who stops him. He can be of use to her.

Tyrion Lannister has his blindfold removed and finds that their party, augmented by several knights and the sellsword Bronn from the Inn at the Crossroads, is on the Eastern Road en route to the Vale of Arryn. Catelyn had been saying that they were riding for Winterfell often and very loudly. Tyrion congratulates her on her cunning, while pointing out that his father will give out a handsome reward for his safe return, a point that clearly piques Bronn's interest. Tyrion says that Lady Lysa Arryn has gone mad since her husband's death and will try to kill him in the Eyrie. He demands his innocence be known in the attempt on Bran's life and points out he'd have to be an idiot to give the assassin his own blade. Before Catelyn can answer, the party comes under attack from one of the hill tribes. Despite taking several losses, the party is able to drive off the attackers. Though having the opportunity to escape, Tyrion fights, killing his first man in the skirmish, and in doing so, saves Catelyn's life. Afterwards, they resume their trek to the Eyrie.

Enraged at having lost, Gregor first decapitates his horse and then attacks Ser Loras. Sandor Clegane comes to Loras's defense, preventing his brother from killing him. They exchange several blows, until King Robert orders them to cease. Sandor immediately bows to the king, while Gregor storms off the field. Ser Loras declares Sandor the victor of the match to the Hound's discomfort.

Ser Loras and Lord Renly, who are lovers, meet in a bedchamber where Renly complains as Robert is organizing a hunt in the Kingswood, which will no doubt involve traipsing around the forest for a couple of weeks in the cold and rain waiting to kill some animal. Loras urges Renly to claim the crown himself, offering him the allegiance of his rich and powerful family. Renly dismisses the notion, since he is fourth in line to the Iron Throne. Loras points out that Joffrey is a monster, that Tommen is only eight and laughs at the notion of Robert and Renly's other brother, Lord Stannis, ever becoming king, as he has the charisma and personality of a lobster. He also asserts that the people love Renly and want to serve him because he is kind and doesn't revel in violence as his brothers do.

Robert agrees, but if they land and the knights of Westeros take shelter behind their castle walls, the Dothraki could simply burn and pillage their way up and down the continent until the smallfolk accept Viserys as their king regardless. Cersei suggests that the unified armies of the Seven Kingdoms could defeat them but Robert says she underestimates the skill and ability of one army with one leader and one purpose as compared to that of the scattered and patchwork armies of Westeros. Their discussion moves to Lyanna Stark, which surprises Robert, as in seventeen years Cersei has never asked about her. He tells her that Lyanna's death left in him a void that seven kingdoms could not fill. He also tells her that their marriage never had a chance of success because of the hold Lyanna's memory has on him, and bitterly adds he can barely remember what she looked like. Cersei says that she felt something for Robert once, even after they lost their first boy, for quite a while. She asks Robert if there was ever any chance for their marriage and he answers "no".

Jaime threatens to kill him but Ned points out that if he does, Tyrion will die as well. Jaime acknowledges that this is true, so he says he will settle for killing Eddard's men instead. Ned's two guards, Heward and Wyl, are killed by Lannister spearmen in the opening seconds of the fight. In response, Ned and Jory fight and kill six of the Lannister soldiers. Jory engages Jaime but is quickly killed when Jaime stabs him through the eye with a dagger. Furious, Ned crosses swords with Jaime. Jaime is shocked and then exhilarated when the older Ned is not as easily defeated as he expected. However, Jaime gradually starts to grow worried as Ned's high level of skill becomes apparent. Just as they are ready to clash again, a Lannister guardsman steps in and stabs Eddard through the leg with a spear, disabling him. Jaime is annoyed at the dishonorable interruption and knocks out the guardsman. He departs, telling Ned he wants his brother back.

"Daemon's wife, the Lady Rhea Royce, has passed," Lord Corlys announces. Rhaenys explains that Lady Royce was killed in a "hunting mishap," that her neck and skull were crushed after being thrown from her horse.

So, time to improv! A traumatized Rhaenyra and a grieving Laenor are married that evening, with just their immediate families in attendance. The minute the vows are completed, Viserys crumples to the ground, unconscious. Outside, in the godswood, Ser Criston prepares to kill himself, but Alicent stops him. And throughout all of this, Daemon is nowhere to be seen.

After being murdered, Makina Hoshimura turns into a living "Shikabane Hime" ("Corpse Princess"). Armed with dual MAC-11 submachine guns, she must kill 108 other Shikabane in order to gain entry into heaven. She is assisted in this task by Keisei Tagami, a Buddhist monk with links to an anti-corpse group known as the Kougon Sect. Her ultimate goal is to avenge the death of her family, by destroying the Shikabane known as the Seven Stars.

The Seven Stars are a group of seven Shikabane who work together for their common cause. They kill humans, other Shikabane and even oppose the Kougon sect. Each member has seven stars of the Big Dipper constellation carved into their skin. They were responsible for killing Makina and her family.Ep. 10-13

As the girls and their friends are telling pretty mild ghost stories up in their room, Sheryl ushers Brenda in to join them. There are a lot of red flags with this girl right away. First, she refuses to take off her princess mask, covering her entire face. Second, the girl doesn't know how to tell a ghost story: It's all exposition up front about a girl who misbehaves and her parents lock her in her room and set fire to it, burning her all over, with zero payoff. Things escalate as she asks the girls to go down into the basement and tell them how they would kill their mothers if they were dared. Girl talk, am I right?

As one of the few major, new characters introduced in the series, Reva's ultimate fate was always a compelling mystery. As the series ends, Reva is still alive and facing an uncertain future now that she's rejected the Dark Side and her quest to kill Lord Vader.

It's actually not terrible advice, but we're not quite sure why Palpatine seems so disinterested in reports of Obi-Wan's return. Does he not fear the threat Obi-Wan could pose to his growing Empire? Why wouldn't Palpatine move Obi-Wan to the top of his to-kill list? That is the whole point of having Sith Inquisitors, after all.

The Star Wars franchise is 45 years old now, and we're still not entirely sure about the rules governing Force Ghosts. How exactly does a Jedi gain the ability to manifest after death? Why do only some Jedi learn that skill? 041b061a72


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