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Loss of the Calmegin (CLGN) lead to the production of sterile sperm that do not bind to the egg zone pellucida [82], so higher expression of CLNG in transgenic cattle might benefit to the spermatogenesis. EF-hand calcium binding domain 6 (EFCAB6) recruits histone-deacetylase complexes in order to repress transcription activity of androgen receptor (AR). The AR is a member of the nuclear receptor superfamily and plays a role as a ligand-dependent transcription factor. After a ligand binds to the AR, the AR is translocated into the nucleus and binds to the androgen-responsive element (ARE), on the androgen-activating gene that affects development, growth, and regulation of male reproductive functions [83,84]. Lower expression of EFCAB6 in transgenic cattle may lessen the suppression of AR and to express male-specific genes and the fertilization function of mature sperm.

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