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Matthew Lee

Sony Map Europe Route Planner 54

i used the built in turn by turn navigation method to get across harrogate in the uk. i.e. select a point on the map and navigate to it. i did this firstly without the popularity routing and then with it available, to and from roughly the same locations. first time it took main roads (a roads in uk). the second time, with the populaterity option, it took a direct route via cycle paths. both were fine routes for fast road cyclists but it was very different and the update appears to have made a big change and possibly improved routing options as you can turn the popularity stuff on and off.

Sony map europe route planner 54

this map is a scaled down version of the os map and is primarily designed for urban use, although it does show some paths and roads where you're likely to want to go on a bike. the overall layout is amazing and is about as useful as youd expect a small road map to be, with all the planned new cycle routes, routes mapped by type, public car parks and so on.

a more recent alternative is mapmyride, formerly known as trackmyride. both apps work in the same way, but this time you can download and add specific routes you like - like bike lanes and cycle ways in britain. you can also post ride photos, record your ride and share with friends. you also have the option of showing off on social media with the map showing up on twitter and facebook.

google maps, however, looks as it always has to date, its nothing to get excited about. if youre looking for something simpler, then perhaps roadmaptools (formerly known as roadbuddy) is your best bet, although its not as closely integrated into the os maps as mapmyride. you can use it standalone without an os map already loaded on your device, although you do need to be rooted for gps fixes. its also an american-only app at present.


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