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Time_out _BEST_

But I had some problem when I want to make that condition. The result is that the time does not blend with the time_in that is on that day but rather makes a new day and makes time_in and time_out itself, and that causes time_in on that day to be a null value


This is the constructor of the class the time_out time is the total amount of time that the context manager will allow the code in the context to execute before raising a TimeoutError upon leaving the context. The variable time out will be a whole number in milliseconds.

This function should calculate the total time it took for the code to enter and exit the context block in milliseconds. If the total time is greater than the time_out time received at the time of the construction of this class then this function should raise a TimeoutError.

The function calculate_state_deuteration calculates deuteration for peptides in given protein in given state basedon supplied parameters: 'time_in', 'time_out' and 'time_chosen'. All four variants (combinations of theoretical & relative) are supplied (mean values and uncertainty). Manual correction of percentage of deuterium the protein was exposed to during the exchangein theoretical calculations is provided. 041b061a72


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