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Mount And Blade Viking Conquest Dog

Mount and Blade: Viking Conquest Dog Companion Guide

Do you want to have a loyal and furry friend by your side in Mount and Blade: Viking Conquest? If so, you might be interested in getting a dog companion. A dog companion can help you with tracking and path-finding skills, as well as fight with you in battles. In this guide, we will show you how to find and recruit a dog companion in Mount and Blade: Viking Conquest.

mount and blade viking conquest dog

What are the benefits of having a dog companion?

A dog companion is not just a cute pet, but also a valuable ally. Here are some of the benefits of having a dog companion in Mount and Blade: Viking Conquest:

  • A dog companion can provide bonuses to your tracking and path-finding skills, which can help you find enemies and avoid ambushes.

  • A dog companion can fight with you in battles, using his teeth and claws to attack your enemies. He is not very strong, but he can distract and damage your foes.

  • A dog companion can increase your morale and reputation, as people will see you as a kind and friendly person.

  • A dog companion can be equipped with armor and weapons, although he will not use them. You can customize his appearance and make him look more fearsome or adorable.

How to get a dog companion in Mount and Blade: Viking Conquest?

Getting a dog companion in Mount and Blade: Viking Conquest is not very difficult, but it requires some patience and luck. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Buy a sausage from any market. A sausage is the key to attracting a stray dog, and you only need one to get a dog companion.

  • Visit a village and talk to the village elder. Ask him if he has seen any strange dogs around. If he says yes, then you can proceed to stroll around the village. If he says no, then you need to try another village until you find one that has a stray dog.

  • Find the dog that stands still and does not move. This is the stray dog that you can recruit. Sometimes, other dogs will lead you to him, like the bandits to a hideout. He is usually at an out-of-the-way place in the village, so you might need to explore a bit.

  • Talk to the dog and give him a sausage from your inventory. He will become friendly and follow you. You can then name him and tell him to heel. Congratulations, you have just acquired a dog companion!

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