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Liam Turner
Liam Turner

Transparent Teleprompter 2.00

Copy paste or type up your script and start recording! Watch the words automatically scroll across your screen as you record awesome speaker videos. Our software works just like the glass lens teleprompters you see on tv. But you can use it on your laptop, tablet, or cell phone. Whether running windows, mac, iPhone or android - our easy-to-use autocue software will allow you to write, record, practice and perfect your speeches!

Transparent Teleprompter 2.00


Yep. Just go to and you can use our autocue web app for free! Just enter your script and watch it scroll across the screen - you can even record the video/audio at the same time. Works with PC or mac, or even on your phone!

Anamorphic Mode (1.3x, 2.0x, 2.0x mag, User-defined adjustment: 1.20X2.00X)Built-in selection of no squeeze, 1.3 or 2.0 allows you to use anamorphic lenses or adapters and see the image unsqueezed, even if your camera does not de-squeeze in camera. A 2.0 mag mode, magnifies the center of your image so you can check the focus of your scaled image.

We record in 4K and HD quality depending on the device used by your customers. Our video interviewers guide the guests to ensure that the room is well lit, there are no major distracting objects or background lights that affect the visibility. Our teleprompter ensures that the customers look right into their camera and the video is aesthetically appealing. We ensure that your customer is closer to the mic to ensure audio quality is high and you get a video that's professional videographer quality.

To get video testimonials from customers, we recommend doing a 1 to 1 phone call or a message interaction and requesting them to do an interview with you. If they agree and give you a time, then schedule the video interview on FanVideo and we will send an invite with a link and you can start the call at the scheduled time. Keep your teleprompter Questions and answer hints pre-set. Keep the conversation candid and put your customers at ease. Ensure, the lighting, camera angle, and audio are good. And when they feel comfortable, just start asking the questions. And with the start-stop recording button record the part of the answers that you need. You can ask them to take multiple attempts in case the first attempt was not perfect.

Absolutely. On FanVideo, the teleprompter supports a variety of languages. You can cut-paste or type in your local language. A gaming company used our platform to record player testimonials in a mix of languages like English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Marathi.

Adding text to your TikToks is a must for accessibility and to get and keep the attention of those who watch videos without sound. Captions(Opens in a new window) makes the process easy. It comes with lots of other features, including one-tap editing, a teleprompter, background-noise removal, and more for $9.99 a month or $54.99 a year. Angela Moscaritolo, PCMag's senior analyst for fitness and smart home, uses it for the TikToks she makes(Opens in a new window) of her review process. 041b061a72


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