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Ninja Oyunu 2: Karanlık Yolculuk - Ücretsiz ve Eğlenceli Ninja Macerası

The turtles first clear the entrance of ninjas, then fight their way through the Dinosaur Exhibit. At the Egyptian exhibition, the turtles encounter the Mystic elemental ninjas who try to impede them.

All four turtles can use special costumes when they are unlocked.Leonardo wears a black ninja outfit.Raphael wears biker clothing and a helmet.Michelangelo wears his Turtle Titan superhero costume.Donatello wears a trench coat, fedora, and a goofy pair of glasses.

ninja oyunu 2

Leonardo's test: Defeat 30 foot ninjas without taking any damage.Raphael test: Defeat 50 foot ninjas without being knocked out.Michelangelo's test: Perform a 10-hit combo with only 10 foot ninja.Donatello's test: Defeat 10 foot ninjas in one minute.


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